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For whom are Escape Rooms suitable

No special skills are required to play our escaperooms. No experience or prior knowledge of the subjects is required. Just bring your friends, family or colleagues and enjoy the game.

Teamwork as the most important tool

To be successful in Escape Rooms, clear communication and efficient collaboration is elementary. Our puzzles reward team players and punish loners - that's why our Escape Rooms are a top-notch team-building experience.

For your special event

We are happy to provide you with our Escape Rooms for your exclusive private event. With us you can bring your birthday, company event, club party or any other celebration to a completely new level. We also offer customized catering for events.

Rules of the game

In our EscapeRooms...

... eating and drinking is not allowed.

Our lounge invites you to linger: Drinks, snacks and delicious, warm dishes are freshly prepared for you!

... most items are intended for single use only.

All items that can be used more than once are clearly marked. Also, no play utensils or objects may be taken out of the rooms. be taken out of the rooms.

... we take care of everything.

We prepare every game and also make sure after the game, that everything is exactly in its place again for the next players. We are grateful if our guests do not move things like combination locks or the like on their own. independently adjust or relocate.

... all solutions and tools are available.

Neither own tools nor the use of physical strength are necessary or allowed. Everything that is needed to solve the puzzles, was placed easily accessible and can be reached without effort, hitting or climbing.

... no drinking puzzles are solved:

Guests who are heavily intoxicated are unfortunately not allowed to play and may be excluded from the game excluded from the game without reimbursement.

... cell phones, cameras and other recording devices are prohibited.

To keep your valuables safe during your stay, lockable lockers are available. You can get the keys from the staff!

... all games are video monitored.

This will allow you to speak directly with a Gamemaster, in case someone does not feel comfortable or you need support solving the puzzles!

... smoking is strictly prohibited.

We generally ask our guests not to smoke indoors.

Any questions? We are happy to help.


If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact us.
An Escape Room is a real-life adventure game in which the objective is to solve a series of challenges using gumption, skill and teamwork. For this purpose, a group of players (2-6 people) is locked in one of our lovingly designed themed rooms. There they try to solve the various puzzles together - one puzzle leads to the next and at the end to the exit. The goal is to leave the room within the time limit.
The goal of the game is to leave the initially locked room by solving all the tasks. The players are thus locked in. But don't worry: if a player doesn't feel comfortable, they can stop the game on their own and leave the room at any time. In addition, the games are video-monitored at all times and our staff is there to help you.
In addition to the 60 or 75 minutes that the actual game takes, it is recommended to arrive about 10 minutes beforehand. This gives us enough time for a short instruction and any questions. In addition, our lounge with darts and table football invites you to linger: Drinks, snacks and delicious hot meals will be freshly prepared for you!
Our customers are welcome to play several of our Escape Rooms in a row, simply make several bookings. However, since solving Escape Rooms is not easy and demands a lot from the players intellectually, we recommend taking a break between games. If you want to play another room spontaneously on site, you can simply ask the staff if something is still free.
Each of our Escape Rooms is a self-contained adventure, which is played by the registered group (2 to 6 persons) together. The group remains among themselves and is not mixed with others.
Apart from the teammates with whom you will play the room, you do not need to bring anything. Checkroom and lockers are also available at the entrance for personal belongings. Please note that cell phones and other recording devices are not allowed in our rooms.
Basically, our Escape Rooms are available for diverse age categories - but some are a bit scary. We allow children from the age of 8 to enter. However, since the puzzles are usually quite challenging, we recommend a visit from 14 years - if there are younger players in the group, an adult accompanying person is required. If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact us.