The game principle

You are locked up...

Your wits, your skill and your team are the key to success. Solve our puzzles, work together and find the exit. Logical thinking and teamwork are the key.

The clock is ticking...

Find all the clues, see the connections, get organized and work together. Only in this way can you solve the room before time runs out. Suspense and thrills are guaranteed.

Feel the atmosphere...

Our Escape Rooms are designed with great attention to detail. So you and your companions can dive into a new world in each room, which will make you forget everything else.

Ready for your next adventure?

Dive into our world of Escape Rooms.

Spontaneously in the mood for an adventure? Check out what's still available today.



In our lounge you will find a table football game and a dart board. These invite you to linger or take a break between two Escape Room games.


In addition to drinks, we also offer hot and cold food such as schnitzel bread, hot dogs and our coveted handmade pinsas.
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